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Do you ship to the US / Asia / Australia / Europe...? 

We ship worldwide from Germany. 

No matter whether you're based in North America, South America, Asia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Rio, Greenland, or some remote island. 

We've already shipped our iWorkCase to most countries in the world for more than 10 years. 

How long does shipping take to Germany / Europe / Worldwide... ?

Shipping within Germany usually takes 1-2 working days.

Shipping within Europe usually takes around 2-3 working days.

Worldwide shipments take around 5-7 working days. 

What's the cost of shipping to Europe / USA / Asia ...? 

Shipping costs* for 1 iWorkCase to

Germany 6,90 EUR

Europe 19,90 EUR, incl. islands

Elsewhere Worldwide 39,90 EUR / no matter where you are based.

*Shipping cost may vary with order quantity


Which shipping services do you use? 

Shipments within Germany are sent by DHL parcel service. Insurance covers up to 500 EUR. 

Shipping time 1-2 days. 

Shipments within Europe are usually sent with DHL Premium parcel service usually. Some shipments are sent with UPS.

Insurance depends on the order quantity. 

Shipping time 1-3 working days.

Worldwide shipments are usually sent with UPS or DHL Express service. Insurance depends on the order quantity. 

Shipping time 2-5 working days. 

We also offer overnight express service within Germany. Please send us your order before 12 noon. 

For international express services please send us your inquiry to info@iworkcase.com. We'll check availability and pricing for you asap.

Do you offer overnight express shipments? 


We offer overnight express shipments within Germany for around 25,00 EUR depending on the order quantity. 

Delivery time is usually sometimes the following day. 

Please send us your order before 13 Uhr / 1pm. 

Overnight express shipments within Europe are subject to availability. Please contact us at info@iworkcase.com in the morning to check out the possibilities for you. 

European express shipments usually ship with UPS or DHL Express. 


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Where does the iWorkCase come from? 

The iWorkCase comes from Germany. It was developed by German Digi Techs, photo assistants and photographers based around Stuttgart. 

Can I take the iWorkCase onboard as extra hand luggage?  

Sure, this is one of the best traveling advantages of the iWorkCase. The iWorkCase is really small and looks like a computer case. We’ve traveled worldwide many times with the iWorkCase as extra hand luggage on airplanes. Guess what, we’ve never had an issue. Nobody ever asked us about this extra piece of hand luggage. Don’t worry, and take your iWorkCase as number 3 hand luggage on your the next plane trip.

Is there a cooling system in the iWorkCase?

We've developed the iWorkCase "Air Circulation Unit". 

This ACU takes care of the airflow within the iWorkCase. Your MacBook Pro is lift up on the ACU, which makes sure your fans work properly and you MacBook Pro is cooled by the airflow within the iWorkCase. 

Please always use this "Air Circulation Unit" always. It's placed in the lid for traveling. Take it out of the lid and place it in the 3mm iWorkCase Inlay slot. 

We've never had an overheating issue with the iWorkCase. 

Does the iWorkCase come in different sizes?

The iWorkCase comes in just one case size for all the different MacBooks available since the beginning in 2008. All iWorkCase Inlays have the same dimensions and will fit every iWorkCase. This makes the iWorkCase future proof for the next decades.  

Is the iWorkCase waterproof?  

Yes the iWorkCase is waterproof.  

Why are the HyperJuice batteries so expensive?  

Because they are the only properly working external batteries for the MacBook Pro in professional use. There are no other batteries available which really work properly as soon as your MacBook goes into work mode with more CPU usage. 

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What kind of warranty do you offer for the iWorkCase?

As the iWorkCase is indestructible. We're offering a 10 year warranty for your iWorkCase. Misuse not included. Please always use your dark cloth in direct sunlight. 

What are the return policies for orders? 

If you're not satisfied with the iWorkCase, you can send it back, no questions asked. 

What's the HyperJuice warranty?

We offer a 1 year limited warranty on all HyperJuice batteries.   

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Are payments secure?  

We only use secure payment options like Paypal, Shopify payments and bank transfer. Shopify payments use the secure Stripe payment gateway.   

Which payment options do you offer?  

You can pay by credit card, Paypal and bank transfer.  

How long does a bank transfer to Germany take? 

We're happy if you send us a bank transfer. This usually takes around 1-2 days. We ship immediately, as soon as we receive your payment. 

Do you store credit card details?

We don't receive any details except your name. Payments are processed safely by Stripe or Paypal.    

How long does a refund take? 

Refunds are send immediately after we receive back your ordered products in unused condition.    

All questions answered?

Great, go shopping.  

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