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05 /2019

HyperJuice USB-C PD 100 battery

The brand new HyperJuice USB-C PD 100 battery is finally available and in stock. The first and only professional USB-C battery with 100W output on the market. 

It's the only battery which is able to charge your MacBook Pro with full power in working mode. No other battery on the market is able to do it. 

From our experience you need around 3-4 pcs of the new USB-C PD batteries for a full shooting day.

ORDER NOW   HyperJuice USB-C PD 100

04 /2019

iWorkCase Inlays updated for HyperJuice USB-C PD battery

We're happy to announce the release of the new updated iWorkCase Inlays. With release of the new HyperJuice USB-C PD 100 battery the iWorkCase Inlays are updated to fit the new battery perfectly. You can now transport four of the HyperJuice USB-C PD battery in the iWorkCase Inlays. 


For everybody owning an old style Inlay we're offering a backfitting divider set. 

Check out the new Inlays.  www.iworkcase.com/inlays

03 /2019

New iWorkCase website released

We're thrilled to release the new iWorkCase webworld. We finally took the time to build a new iWorkCase brand experience.  

After 10 years it was time to give iWorkCase the website it deserves. 

Thanks to everybody who worked with us for the last 10 years and made the iWorkCase project possible and successful.

Your iWorkCase guys. 

02 /2019

Mainworks with iWorkCase 

Our friends from Mainworks Postproduction in Germany now offer a brand new iWorkCase setup including a HyperJuice 

1.5 222 battery for your production. 

Check out their outstanding work 


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